Hearing Aid Marketing Services

Your Current Patients

Patients that you already have a relationship with are the most important!

We leverage the power of your own current database to properly segment and build communication strategies.

Consistent and relevant patient communications turn a one-time buyer into a loyal patient, maximizing their lifetime value for your practice. Our HIPPA compliant data ensures your business is protected and handled with the utmost care.

Social Media

Social media has become the standard in how businesses interact with their customers.

Efficiency is the key to this type of marketing.

Manan can match a direct mail list to your patients’ and prospects’ social media accounts, delivering targeted ads directly to their newsfeed to increase familiarity, which translates into more calls, more appointments, and more sales.

Direct Mail

Manan uses direct mail as a part of our overall multi-channel marketing approach. Direct mail is one of the components in a successful overall longterm marketing campaign. Direct mail is still a powerful force in attracting new patients to any hearing healthcare practice.

Co-Op Advertising

Manan offers up to 50% co-op advertising with approved direct mail advertising campaigns. We have the capability to measure the success of each mail campaign to maximize your ROI.

The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage. It says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. Seven contacts isn’t cast in stone. The point is that you can’t just engage in a single marketing activity and be done with it. Your marketing campaigns must be on-going in order for it to succeed.

1. Noise

In today’s marketplace, people are constantly bombarded with advertising. It is hard to stand out from the crowd with all that noise.

The first few times someone sees your message, its likely not to register with them. People have advertising blinders built into their brains.

It’s no different with your prospective patients.

2. They don’t need you … yet

Even if you have closely targeted the right clientele, they may not need hearing aids today. If they only see your marketing message once, it’s not likely they’ll remember you tomorrow or next week or next year when they suddenly do need you. When it comes to marketing, out of sight, is definitely out of mind.

3. They’re worried about the price 

In these troubled economic times, price may very well be an issue. However, objections about price are usually code for “I’m not really sure I need/want your product”. If someone really wants what you have to offer, it’s amazing how quickly they’ll figure out how to pay for it.

If a prospect sees your message and is interested but worried about money, it just means you haven’t quite convinced them of the value of your offer. The good news is you’ve gotten past the noise. If they continue to see powerful marketing messages from you, they may get closer to seeing your value and forgetting about price concerns. That’s why you need to keep marketing.

4. The main reason: they don’t know, like and trust you

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

The real reason people don’t buy the first time they run across your marketing message is they don’t know you.

This is the real truth about the Rule of Seven. It takes time for people to get to know you – remember your name, your offer, your message. Once they know you, they need time to get to like you – and your business. Over time, they’ll eventually start to trust you. Once they trust you – trust that you’re honest and provide true value – then, and only then, will they be ready to select you as their hearing aid provider.

How long does this process take? It depends; it depends on the value of your offer, how badly they need it and how many charlatans they’ve run across before.

How do we use the Rule of Seven in your marketing plan?

First, we never rely on only one marketing method. Even if we are getting good results today, that could change in the future. Think of internet marketing. eMail used to be more effective than it is today. Then spammers got involved. Now we have spam filters, it’s harder for legitimate eMail marketing to get through.

Finally, we simplify or automate the process as best we can. Too many practices only market sporadically because they are “too busy” or they have tried this or that, one time before without success. Then wonder why they don’t have enough patients.

Regular and routine marketing works the best for the long run. And let’s face it, we hopefully are in this business for the long haul.